You meet twice a week. Thanks to this favorable timetable, the day and evening courses fit well into your daily life.
Students are expected to spend a fair amount of time on homework, 2 to 4 hours for each class, depending on your personal situation.


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0 Monday and Thursday 19:00-20:30 hrs. 40x € ,- € ,- SIGN IN ▶
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Monday and Thursday
19:00-20:30 hrs.

Course 1-2

Is for beginners:The student will learn to read, speak and understand basic grammar and a vocabulary for daily use. After this course the student will be able to have a simple conversation.

Course 3

is for intermediate students. Fluency and conversation skills are emphasized.This is the right follow up course after the Integration exam. It prepares students for Staatsexamen programma 1, which is required for secondary school level education and professions. 
Some times it is  possible to take this course in two parts, 3-1 and 3-2.

Course 4

is designed for advanced students with a good command of Dutch who want to perfect their skills. Attention is paid  to fluency, pronunciation and listening abilities, but grammar and writing are also covered.This course prepares students for "Staatsexamen programma 2, which is required for higher level education, universities and adminstrative professions. 
Taking the exams is not required.
Joining a course in progress is sometimes possible, depending on the availability and the language level of the student. An evaluation by the teacher is necessary

More detailed information here.