Module Telephoning in Dutch

5 Lessons of 90 min

Do you panic when you need to pick up the phone and talk to someone in Dutch? This module takes the stress out of talking on the phone in Dutch by improving your speaking and listening skills. 

Level - Intermediate/gevorderde (B1-B2)

Flexible start date

In-person or online lessons

telephoning dutch
Course goals

In this module, you’ll learn through doing listening and speaking exercises.

Learning through listening – Throughout the module you will listen to dozens of situations that can occur over the phone. By doing exercises that test your listening comprehension, you’ll find it much easier to understand others over the phone. You’ll also learn helpful vocabulary and useful phrases.

Learning through speaking – Through role-play and speaking exercises, you’ll be able to practice situations before they happen in real life. The instructor will help you find the right words. They’ll also give you feedback on how to improve the clarity of your speech and pronunciation.


There are three components of this module:

Text analysis –Throughout the module, you will study several examples of business emails. You’ll learn how to identify the purpose of an email and well as the different parts of an email. These exercises will also help you develop your reading skills.

Writing emails– Through in-class exercises, you’ll practice the following:

  • Planning what you want to say
  • Initiating contact
  • Responding to emails
  • Learning helpful vocabulary
  • Saving time with useful phrases
  • When to use formal or informal language

At the same time, you’ll also develop your writing skills.

Feedback – the instructor will work with you to facilitate reading comprehension and improve your writing skills. They will also give feedback on things like grammar and spelling, style, and logical flow of the text.

Time investment

This module consists of 5 lessons of 90 minutes. You will also have 30 to 45 minutes of homework each week. The homework consists of helpful readings and writing exercises.

Recommended language level

It is recommended that you have a good command of the Dutch language before taking this module. You can take the course Intermediate Dutch to get to the recommended level of B1.


This module is taught by a certified Dutch as a second language instructor. They have several years of experience in giving business language and business skill building courses.


Course fee

This course is tailor-made. Included in the total price are the hourly rate of the teacher, any travel expenses of the teacher, and the teaching materials. Taalinstituut De Wester is recognized by the CRKBO and therefore exempt from VAT. Below is an overview of our hourly rates. It is possible to combine this module with another course. Then the hourly rate is more economical.

Lesson materials cost between 35 and 50 euros. Teacher transportation cost is ,25 per kilometer.



Contact hours with the instructor                          

each extra
        1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people person
Booking of 5 lessons € 75,00 € 85,00 € 95,00 € 105,00 € 115,00 €7,-extra
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