Dutch Courses for Non-Dutch/ Cursus NT2

Welcome to The Netherlands:
From 0 to Integration level

20 lessons of 90 minutes

This course is designed to get you speaking and understanding basic Dutch. You’ll be able to do daily tasks like ordering food in a restaurant, explain symptoms to the doctor, write an email, and fill in a form. We’ll focus on basic sentence structure and vocabulary as well as speaking, listening, and reading comprehension. If you intend to take the integration exam (inburgeringexamen) we can also help you prepare for it by using real past exams.

Dutch Business Skills

writing emails in dutch

Dutch for Writing Email

5 lessons of 90 minutes

Do you have trouble finding the right word in Dutch? Is Google Translate letting you down? In this short course, you’ll learn how to write the correct message in Dutch. You’ll also improve your reading and writing skills.

Dutch for work and life: From Integration level to beginning fluency

20 lessons of 90 minutes

You’ve been living in the Netherlands for a while and you understand the basics. But you want to be able to talk to your Dutch colleagues at work or watch the Dutch news without subtitles. This course is designed to help you speak about and understand more complex subjects: talking about your job, expressing opinions on social issues, or writing a report. Depending on your needs, this course can be tailored to include modules on Dutch for the workplace. If you intend to take the language fluency exam (Staatsexamen NT2) we can help you prepare for it as well.

telephoning dutch

Dutch for Telephoning

5 lessons of 90 minutes

Do you freeze when you have to pick up the phone and speak in Dutch? In this course, you’ll learn how to have smooth conversations over the phone. You’ll also improve your speaking and listening skills.

Advanced Dutch Grammar for non-Dutch

10 to 20 lessons of 90 minutes

Do you recognize yourself in this situation: You understand what everyone around you is saying, but you trip over your words when expressing yourself? You’re not sure of the word order in a sentence. And when you ask your Dutch partner or friends to explain a grammar topic, they have no idea. Our experienced Dutch teachers have the answers! This course focuses on language production: speaking and writing. During the course, you will work on making your Dutch more fluent, nuanced, and accurate.

In-Company groepslessen voor bedrijven

Heeft uw bedrijf een internationaal team? Ook als Engels de voertaal van uw bedrijf is heeft het trainen van collega’s in het Nederlands veel voordelen. Als team members zich bewust zijn van de Nederlandse cultuur communiceren ze beter met hun collega’s en met uw lokale klanten. Werknemers voelen zich gemotiveerd, want het bedrijf investeert in hun toekomst. Als u uw medewerkers wilt ondersteunen, schrijft u ze vandaag nog in voor een intakegesprek.

In-company group lessons for businesses

Does your company have an international team? Even if English is the official language of communication in your workplace, training employees to speak Dutch has its benefits. If team members are more sensitive to Dutch culture, it will improve communication within the workplace, as well as with local clients. Employees will also feel supported and motivated because their company invested in their future. If you want to show your team how much you care, book a consultation today.

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